Accessing tomorrow’s IT talent, today and why this is the ideal time to recruit an apprentice

It’s hard to imagine navigating this unprecedented lockdown without online PE lessons, on-demand streaming services and FaceTime chats with friends and relatives to keep us all sane. But for the UK’s businesses, technology isn’t just about keeping in touch with the outside world – it’s an essential part of managing disruption and staying afloat. It’s a lifeline.

With more of us working remotely than ever before, it’s vital companies can continue to get the most out of technology. Recruiting an IT apprentice is a cost-effective, rewarding way to tap into much-needed technology skills.

A fresh influx of IT talent

With young people citing technology as one of the most popular career choices,[i] there’s a new wave of school and college leavers looking for work in IT roles.


Given that there’s a stark shortage of IT skills in the UK – a 2019 CBI report showed that demand for technology skills already outstrips supply, and 67% of UK companies had unfilled digital vacancies[ii] – this influx of talent couldn’t be more welcome. Across all industries, apprenticeships play a key role in closing the UK’s skills gap. So if your business is looking to beef up its IT capabilities, or has struggled to hire IT talent, consider recruiting an IT apprentice.


Salaries for digital roles are rocketing, so growing your own talent through an apprenticeship is far more cost effective than hiring people who are further up the career ladder – with the added advantage that apprentices can be easily developed to suit your company culture. 


Why consider taking on an IT apprentice now?

Recruiting an apprentice might seem counterintuitive in a time of uncertainty, but there are many benefits to acting now, rather than waiting for coronavirus disruption to pass. For one thing, recruiting now means you’ll have your pick of the best talent before anyone else. Companies who delay will be behind the recruitment curve, in an already competitive market for IT skills.


What’s more, your apprentice can be trained remotely, so they’re ready to hit the ground running when you need them. At Basingstoke ITEC, we’ve adapted our IT training so that all apprentices can continue to learn and develop remotely, at no extra cost.


Delivering your IT needs

As an IT training charity, Basingstoke ITEC is dedicated to helping employers develop tomorrow’s workforce today. To discover how an IT apprentice can help your business succeed, call us on 01256 471161 or email Barry Kitcher at [email protected].


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