Is it time to hire an apprentice?

At Basingstoke ITEC, we develop digital and business related skills for the communities we work with, to ensure that they have a solid foundation for their future careers.

As we continue to move through a period of recovery, many of the employers we work with (both large and small) have taken steps to grow their own talent to help their businesses develop.

Like other employers, should you start considering hiring an apprentice?

You may have been thinking about taking on an apprentice for a while, and there may have been lots of reasons why you haven’t taken the plunge yet. The ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to pauses on all sorts of hiring, including apprentices, but the gradual opening up of the economy and increasing optimism across all sectors and Government Employer incentives mean that now might be the perfect time to offer exciting opportunities for someone to work for your company or you may want to use an apprenticeship to develop someone within your existing work force.

Good for you, good for your business

There are lots of reasons for hiring an apprentice into your business. 96% of employers who have apprentices would recommend it as a way to bring new talent into the business and actively train people in the skills that matter to your particular business. In addition, according to evaluations by recognised training providers, 88% of employers think that hiring apprentices leads to a more productive and motivated workforce, and 77% believe that apprenticeships make them more competitive.

Apprenticeships offer the best of both worlds to everyone involved: for the apprentice, it gives them a guaranteed job, with bespoke learning opportunities, in a sector that they can forge a real career in. For the employer, it brings motivated people into the business, injecting new ideas and fresh skills. It also shows that you are a business that believes in investing in people, and that boosts your corporate reputation and potentially your competitive advantage.

How to access support for your apprenticeship scheme

You may be offering a single apprenticeship, or you might be introducing a scheme where you can employ apprentices across your business. Whatever your approach, there is support out there – both practical and financial – to help you make it work for you.

The government supports a range of schemes for apprentices. Large businesses, with a payroll bill of more than £3m, have to pay an apprenticeship levy. This funding helps to support apprenticeship schemes in smaller businesses, so that it’s not as costly for SME businesses to get an apprentice on board.

Any employer with an annual salary bill of less that £3m can reserve funds for up to 10 new apprenticeships and, from April 1st this year, the reservation levels have been reset to 0, which means you could employ up to 10 new apprenticeships in the current financial year to April 2022. You can find out more about this on the government’s website for apprenticeships.

Incentives for recruiting an apprentice

The Government will provide you with up to £4000 for recruiting an apprentice, you can use this money for any costs that you think would help with the recruitment of an apprentice.

Just ask us for help and we can show you how to claim.

At Basingstoke ITEC, we work with businesses to help them build tomorrow’s today. We can help you to find an apprentice for your business and create an apprenticeship based on your needs and culture – to discover how a skilled apprentice can add value to your company, call us on 01256 471161 or email Barry Kitcher at [email protected]

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An apprenticeship qualification is work related learning that will ensure you have knowledge and understanding of the role you are doing and will be the kickstart for your future career.
We understand the transition from school and college can be daunting, not just for the young person but also for the parent. We’d like to reassure you that an apprenticeship is a positive route to gain employment in a supported environment

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