IT salesperson apprenticeship programme

If your company sells IT-related products or services, hiring a fully trained IT sales apprentice could solve some of your toughest challenges as an employer. How? Let’s look at five of the biggest pain points IT employers commonly experience.

  1. Lack of access to critical skills
    With more than 70% of technology companies reporting skills shortages [i], it’s fair to say demand for IT-related skills outstrips supply. Hiring a fully trained IT sales apprentice is a fuss-free way to close that skills gap.
  2. The sheer cost (and risk) of hiring skilled staff
    Experienced IT staff typically expect to earn £40–70k, making skilled talent a significant investment. And when new hires don’t work out, it wastes time as well as money. Growing your own talent through an apprenticeship is much more affordable – thanks to government funding, training can be provided for free or at a maximum cost of £600. And up to 31st January 2021, the government is offering new incentive payments to encourage employers in England to take on apprentices. Employers will be eligible for a payment of £3,000 for each new apprentice hire aged 16–18, £2,000 for apprentices aged 19–24, and £1,500 for apprentices aged 25 and over – meaning there’s never been a better time to take on a new apprentice. What’s more, because apprentices can be easily developed to suit your company culture, there’s a reduced risk of new hires not working out.
  3. How to accelerate performance
    Sales performance is key to the success of any business, yet up to 50% of salespeople fail to hit their targets [ii]! That’s why Basingstoke ITEC has partnered with Sandler Training North Hampshire Training North Hampshire, one of the world’s leading sales training companies, to raise standards in IT sales. Through this partnership, IT sales apprentices become certified in the Sandler Selling System, which has been used for more than 50 years to help organisations solve their biggest sales challenges.
  4. High employee turnover, low engagement
    Turnover in the tech industry is among the highest in the UK [iii]. Obviously, demand for talent and intense competition among employers plays a role here. But so does culture, especially when there’s a culture that fails to foster self-sufficiency or provide opportunities to grow. In our experience, apprentices report high levels of satisfaction and engagement because they’re constantly developing – and, as a result, they make incredibly loyal employees.
  5. Poor employer brand
    Doing more to benefit your organisation’s local community pays dividends in terms of attracting future talent. Apprenticeships help companies of all shapes and sizes engage in corporate social responsibility and build a more positive employer brand.

Basingstoke ITEC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building tomorrow’s IT workforce, today. To discover how a certified IT sales apprentice can add value to your company, call us on 01256 471161 or email Barry Kitcher at [email protected].

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