To our valued existing and future employer and learners,

We are currently experiencing unprecedented times bringing a deal of uncertainty and  I wanted to let you know what we are doing at Basingstoke ITEC to support you and your future needs.

Whatever pain  you are going through right now we are here to help and support you as  best we can.  Please let us know if you need any support whether it be with resources, IT tech support or coaching.  As you are aware we are a small charity and our aim is to support and help employers develop tomorrow’s workforce today.

Please let me know what you need,  I cant promise to deliver everything you need to survive,  but can promise we will try and help in whatever way we can.


What we are doing right now

  • We have adapted our training and delivery to all Apprentices so that they can all continue to learn and develop.  They can do this via; laptops, tablets, mobile devices.  It shouldn’t cost the apprentice or  you anything.  We can provide additional resources if needed and will cover the cost of any telephone calls.
  • We understand that you might need have ‘forloughed’ your apprentices or are thinking of doing so.  If this is the case, their apprenticeship can continue, we will support them whilst they are at home.  Please talk to us so if you need  guidance and support.



  • We are planning delivery of short webinars that you or your colleagues might like to use for self-development (no charge).
    • Digital Marketing
    • Infrastructure – Networking and Architecture
    • Software and Development
    • Microsoft Office
    • Coaching for Junior managers through to senior management


  • We are in the process of reviewing our resources to ensure that we are in the best position possible to help you hit the ground running once things are a little more stabilised
  • Once the situation has  calmed down we are expecting there to be continued growth especially in the IT Sector. Given the amount of skills shortages already known, we think it makes sense to develop your own talent.
  • You might not need an apprentice right now, but we think you will soon.
    • We are currently seeing a massive surge in applications for our current vacancies and expect that to continue.
  • If you want the best, it  might be a good idea to start planning and looking now.

Please call us on 01256471161


Mark Hammond 

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