Women’s History Month: Katy Jones

As women’s history month draws to a close, we thought we would share an insight into another one of our female leading trainers at Basingstoke ITEC, Katy Jones. 

Katy is another one of our leading trainers in L3 Digital Marketing, Business Administration and Customer Service. Not only is she making her mark in tech industry by teaching Digital Marketing she is also a point of support for learners on their apprenticeship journey, she teaches them the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to succeed. Katy continues to teach and inspire learners shaping the future of the tech industry as we know it. We think she’s a superstar! 

We asked Katy What Woman in Tech Inspires You? And this is what she had to say: 

The woman that inspires me is Katherine Johnson, an American mathematician who worked at NASA in 1969. She calculated the flight paths for the Apollo 11 Mission as seen in the film ‘Hidden Figures’ of which I absolutely love. 

Much like Jumoke, Katy had similar things to say regarding the women that inspire her, which really echoes just how much Johnson has paved the way for future generations and her continuing inspiration to others.  

Another important thing to acknowledge is the challenges women face within their industry, the ability to acknowledge this and educate others provides the opportunity to eliminate these challenges, we asked Katy ‘Has she faced any challenges as a woman in her industry?’ 

Thankfully, I have not experienced any challenges as woman, but that does not mean I have not seen others go through challenges and I think it is extremely important to acknowledge that there are challenges regardless of my own experiences. 

The final question we had for Katy was ‘Are you aware of Women’s History Month does it mean anything to you, if so, why?’ Here is what she had to tell us: 

Yes, I do, Women’s History Month is a time of our generation to reflect on the achievements of the women in the past. It is because of these outstanding women that we have the opportunities and freedoms that we have today. 

“Women’s History Month is a time for our generation to reflect on the achievements of the women in the past”

Although Women’s History Month is nearly over, here at Basingstoke ITEC we do and will continue to celebrate and uplift the women in and around our business all year round. 

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